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There are actually several reasons for this. For one, when the ECG is turned on, chlorine is present at a higher concentration inside the ECG itself than out in the pool itself where it is diluted to the desired lower concentration of 1-3 parts per million. That higher chlorine concentration in the ECG actually shocks and clarifies the pool water each time it passes through the ECG cell. This process destroys many body wastes (sweat, urine, body oils) and environmental debris (pollen, algae, organic contaminants) that can cause water to look dull, cloudy and uninviting to swimmers. It also helps remove odors from the water such as the strong, chlorine like odor caused by something called chloramines which are also destroyed when passing through the ECG.

Another cause of cloudy water is that most of the chemicals required to properly maintain an ordinary chlorine pool, contain inert ingredients, carriers or sometimes even dirt contaminants that as they accumulate in the pool from on-going additions can cause cloudiness and turbidity. This accumulation not only makes the pool look uninviting but also sometimes interferes with the performance of the sanitizers and oxidizers need to keep the pool safe and inviting to swim in.

One word of caution: using cheap commodity salts can unfortunately cause clouding due to uncontrolled levels of organic and inorganic contaminants that are generally not desirable in a swimming pool. Different salts from all different sources in North America showed significantly different levels of unwanted contaminants when tested by independent laboratories. Some of these caused significant clouding of the water and created chlorine demands that stressed the ECG to levels that required additional chemicals to correct. Pristiva uses 100% salt from the most pristine source of salt in North America (confirmed by independent laboratory testing) for swimming pool applications and will not cause clouding or add those undesired contaminants to your family’s pool.

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