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The Pristiva® Perfect Pool

Impeccable Silky Smooth Water

Superior Clarity


Specially Formulated, Astoundingly Clear, Silky Pool Water

Unlike Any You’ve Ever Experienced

Superior Clarity

The most visible sign of a great pool is sparkling clear water that just invites you to jump right in. Whenever we interview pool owners, they tell us that sparkling clear water is their ultimate goal in maintaining their pools. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences this highly desired attribute despite their maintenance efforts and use of various clarifiers and filter aids.

The truth is much of the clouding or turbidity may be due to the salt itself and/or the combination of products being added into the pool. Unfortunately, many pool owners have been misinformed or misled into believing that all salts are the same and therefore, the cheapest salt will meet their needs. Have you really thought about just how much sense this makes? We all know that a basic law of business is that “You get what you pay for” and that “the cheapest products are that way for a reason.” Of critical importance is the fact that all pool salts are absolutely not the same because all pool salts contain varying types and quantities of contaminants.

Since salt is the single most important product that you will put into your pool, you should start with the best quality salt available. To improve your water clarity further, the additives in Pristiva's Primer are specifically designed for a salt water pool. They deliver a pool with superior clarity without requiring you to purchase and apply the old blend of clarifiers and filter aids that can actually detract from your water’s clarity.

Proof of Performance

Here is what we mean by clarity!

We added two different pool salts to individual four-foot-deep swimming pool test chambers. The salt was brushed to dissolve and these pictures were taken 30 minutes later. The photos on the left of each sample are with a normal lens and those on the right are with a 20X zoom. With Pristiva you can see the quarter is heads-up!

If you want a pool that will be the envy of all who see it, then Pristiva is the clear answer for you. You just can’t buy an easier way to have the sparkling clear pool water that everyone desires.

Silky, Smooth Water

Go Ahead Open Your Eyes to Pure Swimming Comfort

The Pristiva 3-Step System delivers soft, soothing water that offers the maximum in swimmer comfort.

In addition to the most pristine mineral salt, Pristiva contains another natural mineral called sassolite. It is often used in ophthalmic solutions whenever cleansing or irrigation of tired or irritated eyes is required. And, Pristiva pool water is much closer to the natural salinity of tears so combined with sassolite, swimmers will find it remarkably non-irritating and extremely comfortable when they open their eyes under water. 


Go Ahead and Swim Longer - Your Skin Will Love It

Pristiva was developed with unique ingredients that give your skin the smooth, silky feeling you have been missing with other pools.  Since our bodies are naturally salty, plain water penetrates the skin in an effort to dilute the concentration of salt. This is what causes your skin to stretch and feel dry, flakey and itchy.  A Pristiva pool’s salinity is closer to the natural level in our tissues, so your skin feels refreshed. You will be amazed at how soft your skin feels even hours after swimming in a Pristiva pool.

Go Ahead, Your Nose Will Know the Difference

If your nose has ever been irritated by plain pool water, you will love swimming in a Pristiva pool.  The pristine saline pool water created by our unique ingredients is similar to nose drops used for nasal and sinus conditions. If your nose has ever been irritated by plain pool water, you will love swimming in a Pristiva pool.

Go Ahead, Your Hair will Feel Great After You Swim

Swimmers report that even fine hair is easy to comb after swimming in a Pristiva Perfect Pool, and that their hair is amazingly soft and manageable. You’re free to quickly go about your day after a swim.  That is, if you ever decide to coax yourself out of the pool!

Pristiva’s goal is to create the maximum comfort so your family can spend the maximum amount of time enjoying your pool.  

The Pristiva Perfect Pool exceeds expectations of water that is kind and gentle over current salt water pools and traditional chlorine pools.  Pristiva’s goal is to create the maximum comfort so your family can experience the maximum amount enjoyment  in  your pool. 


Your Pristiva Perfect Pool is waiting!