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Salt Water Pool Basics

Did you know that 70% of all new pools being built today are salt water pools?  And they continue to gain favor over traditional chlorine pools.  Why all the excitement?

Salt water pools provide:

  • Refreshing water that’s more soothing to skin and hair than traditional chlorine pools and is easier on eyes and noses
  • Less maintenance time and expenses, more time for enjoyment
  • No unpleasant chlorine smell
  • No need to purchase, transport, store or handle hazardous and costly chlorine chemicals 

Requirements & Care

Salt water pools differ significantly from traditional chlorine pools.  They require unique equipment and special care.  With the proper support, it’s an investment that will pay dividends in total pool enjoyment for years to come.

Salt Water Pools Need Salt Water Pool Equipment & Specialized Chemicals:

  • At the heart of the system is the electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG) – a sanitizing system designed specifically for salt water pools.  It uses a powerful cell to produce natural chlorine from salt and keeps sanitizer levels balanced, so frequent additions of chlorine are no longer needed.
  • Salt water pools require specialized salt water pool chemicals designed to perform inside the harsh environment of the salt water generator. Chemicals designed for use in traditional chlorine pools can break down as they pass through your chlorine generator. 

The Right Salt Makes All the Difference

All salts are not the same.  Ordinary pool salts contain varying levels of undesirable contaminants that can result in challenges unique to salt water pools.  Additionally, using salts not specifically designed for salt water pools or chemicals formulated for traditional chlorine pools can affect pools in a variety of ways, including:

  • Staining – Naturally occuring, inorganic materials such as metals can be found in inferior salts or from your source water, and can lead to unsightly stains and discoloration of pool finishes. Even salts labeled as "food grade or food quality" can contain levels of inorganic materials which while fine for human consumption can prove problematic when salt is added in large quantities needed to create a salt water pool.
  • Water clouding – Organic contaminants, particularly those found in solar salt, can result in dull cloudy water.
  • Chlorine demand – Organic contaminants from conventional pool salts or the pool environment can cause inconsistent chlorine levels requiring constant adjustments and chemical additions.
  • Scaling on chlorine generator cells – Scale occurs naturally as part of the chlorine generation process and can be made worse by inferior conventional pool salts.  This can result in:

- Reduced chlorine levels that contribute to cloudy water, chlorine demand and algae growth

- Longer running time, higher electricity bills

- More cell cleanings, premature cell failure, and associated greater time and expense

  • Scaling on Pool Finishes – The introduction of inorganic and organic contaminants by conventional pool salts can cause pool finishes to become discolored, faded and unattractive.
  • Chemical Breakdown – Many chemicals designed for traditional chlorine pools break down in the harsh environment of the chlorine generator and lose their protective properties, and in some cases contribute to the very problems they try to address, such as scale and algae.

As the chlorine generator is converting salt to chlorine, a very harsh environment is created which include:

- High-temperatures up to 120 degrees F

- High-chlorine levels up to 50 parts per million

- Swings in pH from 1.0 to 14.0 as water goes through the generator

- Fluctuation of the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI). Swing from 0.3 to -0.3 increases your pool’s tendency to scale by 6,000 times 

The Perfect Solution for a Perfect Salt Water Pool

Whether you’re considering building a pool, thinking about switching over your traditional chlorine pool, or seeking better care for your existing salt water pool, the Pristiva® 3-Step System is the perfect solution. After conducting extensive research with pool builders, retailers and service companies to understand the unique needs and challenges of salt water pools, we designed an entirely new program to not only meet but also exceed those needs.

The result is the fast, easy Pristiva 3-Step System.

Pristiva utilizes a proprietary formula with a unique combination of powerful enhancers contained in both our Pristiva Primer  and Pristiva Premium Shock. It is specifically formulated to improve your water’s clarity and softness, while protecting your pool finishes and equipment. Pristiva also provides the quickest, easiest pool maintenance available with fewer expenses.