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Superior Ingredients


Pristiva’s® Proprietary High-Performance Formula

Sets it Apart from all Others


  • Always made the most pristine salt available - for gleaming water that’s never cloudy.
  • Contains a unique formula of our proprietary combination of powerful enhancers found in Pristiva Premium Salt, Pristiva Primer and Pristiva Premium Shock..
  • Does not contain phosphates or sulfates that are recognized as being undesirable, problem causing chemicals in salt water pools.


The Right Salt Makes All the Difference

All salts are not the same. Ordinary pool salts contain varying levels of undesirable contaminants  that can result in challenges unique to salt water pools including staining, scale on the chlorine generator, cloudy water and chlorine demand.  The speed at which salt dissolves can impact the potential for staining and cloudy water, not to mention how much time you have to spend pool side brushing out the salt.  We had an independent lab test 16 different pool salts produced in North America and learned that some salts dissolve up to four times slower than others.

These seemingly small differences make a big difference in swimming pools.

The Best Salt a Pool can Get.

Pristiva uses only the most pristine salt for purely astounding results.

  • Delivers smooth, lustrous water with superior clarity.
  • Dissolves up to four times faster than other pool salts for less time brushing and more time for pool enjoyment.
  • No harmful contaminants that are commonly found in lesser salts which may cause staining, corrosion, clouding, scale and chlorine demand.
  • Produces water that feels softer than traditional chlorine pools.

Advanced Enhancers Provide the Perfect Pool Experience 

  • Produces sparkling water with superior clarity.
  • Creates water that feels exceptional on skin and hair, and is more gentle to the eyes and nose than traditional chlorine pools.
  • Provides superior protection for pool finishes and equipment from scale, corrosion and staining.
  • Optimizes chlorine generator performance.
  • Designed to perform inside the harsh environment of the electrolytic chlorine generator.
  • Does not contain phosphates or sulfates that are recognized as being undesirable, problem-causing chemicals in salt water pool.