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Salt water swimming pools are usually equipped with a device called an Electrolytic Chlorine Generator or ECG device. This unique device actually creates small amounts of chlorine right in the pool water using a small amount of electricity and the salt that has been added to the pool. Once the chlorine has done its job by sanitizing the pool against microorganisms and oxidizing the water to remove unwanted body wastes, the chlorine reverts back to salt in the water where it can be re-used over and over again by the ECG to make fresh, new chlorine. By not having to continually purchase and add sanitizing and oxidizing chemicals, the pool becomes significantly less complicated to operate and requires less routine additions of many different types of pool chemicals. It also saves on trips to the store to buy chemicals; storing these often hazardous concentrated chemicals; and even opening the difficult containers they must be stored in. Many of you have seen the multitude of chemicals that traditional chemical pool owners have had to purchase, store and utilize to keep the operating properly.

The primary maintenance required for salt water pools consists of keeping a proper pH level and occasionally inspecting and possibly acid cleaning the ECG cell. The demand for regular addition of various balancing chemicals, shocks, algaecides and clarifiers is significantly less than that with conventional chemically treated pools. This reduced maintenance can be made even less time consuming and simpler when using specially formulated salt water pool products such as Pristiva Primer® and ActivatorTM. These two unique products reduce maintenance, improve performance and help protect everything from the pools finish to its operating equipment and particularly the ECG device itself. Protecting your ECG to make it work most efficiently and last longer is an extremely important consideration for all salt water pool owners.

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