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We collected 16 individual unopened 40 pound bags of pool salt from most all geographic production points of currently identified US suppliers: North American Salt, Morton, United, Cargill, Buckman and Salco. Products were sampled in a double blind fashion so that independent analytical laboratories did not know the origin of the product. Independent scientific analysis was conducted by Applied Technical Services, Georgia Institute of Technology and SRC Analytical. While analyzing for the nature of contaminates such as iron, manganese, silicates and organics, we also looked at real world performance considerations in swimming pools such as: rate of dissolution, turbidity over time, turbidity after chlorination, chlorine demand, effect on plaster surfaces, and pH. With well over 1000 double blind, scientifically generated data points we have been able to get a fair-minded sense of competing pool salts, gain an understanding of just how comparable they are, and identify any potential contribution to pool problems´╗┐

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