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Our scientific experimentation and product development ultimately led us to deliver the following:

  • A salt crystalline structure that dissolves up to 4 times faster than many pool salts making it the fastest and easiest to apply with the least amount of brushing required
  • A salt that is the best for use in swimming pools based on minimization of contaminants
  • Extended protection against the all important problem of scaling within the chlorine generator which is the leading cause of cell failure and low chlorine output
  • Extended protection against staining with multiple mechanisms and components for preventing metallic stains
  • Superior performance against certain types of corrosion and pool finish pitting
  • Elimination of the use of phosphates and sulfates that can cause problems with SWG performance
  • Improved swimmer comfort with water that feels silkier and softer than ordinary salt pools
  • Ingredients that are stable in the hostile environment inside an SWG
  • A system we believe is better than anything else on the market and will protect the economic investment of all parties

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