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We found that all the “solar salt” (salt that is produced from the evaporative action of the sun and wind on sea water and left to naturally concentrate in ponds) created significant issues of chlorine demand and unacceptable levels of water cloudiness (turbidity) over time. Not content to just accept this observation we sought the underlying cause and were surprised at the findings. You see, all solar salt comes from evaporating ponds that are wild life sanctuaries and habitat for many species of birds, ducks, fish and shellfish.  As the salt concentrates, the shellfish die and are replaced by bacteria that are particularly adapted to the salt and give off beta-carotene…all of which remain at some level in the salt as contaminates. So in adding 533 pound of solar salt to a swimming pool, up to 5.3 pounds of animal waste and dead bacteria are also included…not something we should knowingly add to a swimming pool.

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