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The truth is that salt water pools bring a new paradigm to the pool industry. They connect suppliers together in manner that has not previously existed. The equipment manufacturers of salt water chlorine generators are not recognized as experts in pool water chemistry and in general focus on development of equipment. The traditional chemical manufacturers that understand pool water chemistry quite well don’t like the fact that the growth of salt water pools significantly reduces chemical demand. Hence, they are not very interested in supporting the technology. Suppliers of landscape materials have not had to deal with the various problems associated with salt water splash out and are just learning of the required specifications. Manufacturers of surface coatings are only beginning to understand the variety of surfaces and considerations required to adequately solve some of the problems. And lastly salt producers have extremely limited knowledge of swimming pools, are even further from being water chemistry experts than equipment suppliers and are just interested in selling a commodity called salt…a substance they sell in bulk to melt road ice, in bags as a home water softener additive or in salt shakers to season food. However these “salts” were never designed, processed or originally intended for use in swimming pools. We found the unbiased truth was problems do exist and that industry participants have done their share of finger pointing at each other as the cause of the problem.

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