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Pristiva Acid Enhance

  • The much safer, phosphate & sulfate-free way to adjust
    pH & Total Alkalinity
  • Specially designed liquid acid specific for salt pools
  • Reduces pH and total alkalinity
  • Safer, will not burn skin and significant reduction in fuming
  • Helps reduce sulfate build-up which can increase risk and
    extent of scaling
  • Common source of sulfates is from dry pH reducers and
    non-chlorine shocks




Pristiva Liquid Rapid Action Stabilizer

  • The fast, effective, unique way to raise stabilizer levels in 
    salt pool water
  • Simply shake and pour around the edges of the pool
  • Starts working immediately for fast, effective results in establishing or raising stabilizer levels
  • No more waiting for traditional stabilizer products to dissolve or tying nylons filled with stabilizer to your ladder
  • Liquid Rapid Action Stabilizer is the quick, easy way





Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner

  • Cleans cell of scale, organics, metallic deposits, etc.
  • Offers identical descaling properties of muriatic acid without
    harmful side effects
  • No fuming, no corrosion to sensitive cell materials
  • Will not harm the cell, use anytime the cell requires it
  • Always prior to winter storage, will not harm the environment
    when discharged

Pristiva Phos Cleanse Plus

  • A product designed to quickly remove phosphate from salt pool water
  • Phosphates cause issues with electrolytic chlorine generators; reducing chlorine production, promoting scale formation and causing dull, cloudy water
  • Phosphates also stimulate algae just like traditional fertilizers
  • Pristiva Phos Cleanse Plus works with your filter system to remove phosphates quickly




Pristiva Salt Water Test Strips

  • Convenient duo-pack of easy-to-use test strips
  • One bottle includes test strips for measuring the salinity of your water
  • The other includes test strips for measuring chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and stabilizer
  • Periodic water testing provides you the information you need to make the proper product additions in between visits to your local Pristiva professional