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Advanced Protection of Pool Finishes

From Staining

Inorganic materials such as metals and other impurities can be found in inferior food grade salts, from ordinary pool salts, and/or from your source water. These contaminants can lead to stains and discoloration of your pool finish.

Pristiva’s® unique formulation contains only pristine Nova Scotia salt and X2O® additives for water with unrivaled protection of all pool finishes from metal staining.



Proof of Performance

Here is what we mean by protection of finishes!

These are plaster samples just like your pool finish


Example of plaster with staining             Example of plaster without staining


We found many impurities in the various salts we tested. When these impurities are left in contact with the pool surface for extended periods of time, they can cause problems like staining.


When salts dissolve slowly, the impurities attached to the crystalline structure of the salt can cause major finish problems. Even trace amounts of impurities in the salt can cause staining or efflorescence, a powdery coating that adheres to the pool finish, when they are attached to the salt and in contact with the pool surface.  The longer the impurities are in contact with the pool finish the more likely they are to cause staining.

To demonstrate how staining can occur, a light layer of contaminated salt was spread over the submerged plaster sample and then a typical addition of chlorine shock was used to simulate elevated pH.



Pristiva's combination of fast dissolving, pristine Nova Scotia salt and protection provided by X2O work together to prevent stains and efflorescence.

Pristiva’s goal is to create the most technically advanced pool water so your family can spend the maximum amount of time enjoying your pool.  

Your Pristiva Perfect Pool is waiting...guaranteed!

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