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Superior Protection of Pool Equipment

From Scale or Corrosion

Pristiva's® unique formula is powered by X2OTM enhancer -technically advanced ingredients that safeguard pool finishes and equipment from stain, scale, and corrosion. The result is enhanced equipment performance and pool water that offers the maximum protection of your investment with:

  • Superior protection of heater, filter, pump, ladder, light rings and all underwater metal surfaces from scale and corrosion
  • Optimizes chlorine generator performance and protection

- Pristiva® X2O  enhancers hold up even in the harsh environment inside the chlorine generator

Many chemicals designed for traditional chlorine pools break down in the harsh environment of the chlorine generator and lose their protective properties, and in some cases contribute to the very problem they try to address, such as scale and algae

- Helps prevent scaling on the chlorine generator cells for optimum performance, consistent chlorine levels, and efficient energy use

- Reduce cell cleaning, saving money, and time while promoting longer mechanical lifespan 


Proof of Performance

Here is what we mean by protection!

 These are representative of the plates inside your chlorine generator

       ECG Cell with Pristiva = no scale                  ECG Cell without Pristiva = a scaling problem

Remember, the activity inside the electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG) produces scale on the plates. 

In this experiment, we purposely accelerated the scaling process. We ran the ECG for 17 hours without reversing polarity and we introduced high levels of calcium and sulfates.  In the system without Pristiva, the scale formed in less than a day. Pristiva protected the cell of the ECG even when we tried to make it fail.  Under normal operating conditions, Pristiva offers unparalleled protection from scale.

You can’t get better protection for your investment.

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